Art therapy uses creative expression and art making for emotional healing.

Have you tried traditional talk therapy but reached a plateau?
Are you feeling stuck and looking for a new way to cope?
Are you searching for meaning, insight, or self-confidence?
Or maybe you’re a parent looking looking for ways to help your child feel better.

Through the creative process, you can gain insight, self-awareness, and new ways of coping. emotional healing.

Art therapy offers a gentle way to express and work through difficult issues that might be hard to talk about. The metaphorical nature of art can serve as a powerful way to express thoughts and feelings nonverbally.  Art therapy builds resilience, confidence, and self-esteem.

Art therapy can help to:

Cope with stress and overwhelming emotions
Lower anxiety and improve mood
Build self-esteem
Learn new ways to handle challenges
Explore difficult feelings in a safe way
Improve confidence
Process traumatic experiences
Explore future life goals
Explore your sense of self
Get out of your comfort zone
Have fun!

Find out more about how art therapy helps children.

But…I’m not good at art!

Don’t worry, no artistic experience or skill is needed!  All you need is an open mind and a willingness to explore.  If you are willing to give the artistic process a try, your unconscious mind will do the rest.  Our focus will be on the process of artistic expression, not on the end product.

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Meet the art therapist:

Lilani Reagan Resident Art Therapist

Lilani Reagan is a Resident Art Therapist who loves using expressive arts to help people heal and grow.  She especially enjoys working with children and teens who struggle with anxiety, anger, and difficult behaviors.  She also uses art therapy with adults who want to gain a deeper understanding of themselves.

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