Our Counselors Phyllis Pierce LCSW Chesapeake and Norfolk


I believe counseling is designed to be a unique setting where a person, family or couple is able to reflect on their experiences within a safe environment. When people are able to feel truly supported in therapy they work towards self-actualization and meaning. As a therapist my goal is to provide everyone with a productive experience that includes significant support, intentional challenges and a place for reflection.

  • Licensed Professional Counselor, National Certified Counselor, Certified Substance Abuse Counselor
  • Children ages 3+, teens, adults, older adults (65+)
  • Families and couples
  • Trauma including – PTSD, Pre-verbal Trauma, Physical/Sexual/Emotional Abuse, Abandonment/Neglect
  • Attachment issues
  • Grief/Loss
  • Family conflict and parent-child relational problems
  • Issues related to Adoption/Foster Care
  • Depression, anxiety, bipolar
  • Self-injury and suicidal thoughts
  • Substance abuse/addictive behaviors
Our Counselors Phyllis Pierce LCSW Chesapeake and Norfolk

About Fred Fritz, LPC, CSAC, CAADC

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor, National Certified Counselor and hold certifications in substance abuse counseling. I specialize in working with clients who are dealing with depression, grief and loss, substance abuse, trauma and crisis. I am also experienced in working with men with issues such as anger and aggression management, love, sexuality, shame, guilt, and trauma. I use a variety of evidenced-based techniques to identify challenges and develop a plan of action with the goal of creating a better life.

I acknowledge the strength and courage it takes to reach out for help and I work collaboratively with clients to achieve their goals. I have a strength-based approach to therapy and believe the therapeutic relationship creates a safe place to promote growth, change, and healing. Understanding the challenges people face entering therapy, including social stigmas is very important. By respecting an individual’s background and belief system, I find success working with people who are apprehensive about counseling.

In my spare time, I am an outdoor enthusiast enjoying gardening, hiking, and kayaking.

  • Licensed Professional Counselor, National Certified Counselor, Certified Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor, Certified Substance Abuse Counselor
  • Specializes in grief/loss, depression, addictive behaviors, and men’s issues
  • Adults and families
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Our Counselors Phyllis Pierce LCSW Chesapeake and Norfolk

About Alyssa Strickland, LPC, ATR-BC, CSAC

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor, Board Certified Art Therapist, and Certified Substance Abuse Counselor experienced in working with children, adolescents, and families. I have training in Play Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and Trauma-Informed Care.

I approach my work with clients in a strengths-based and collaborative manner. I believe strongly in people’s innate ability to heal and greatly enjoy partnering with my clients on this journey. The individuals and families with whom I work can chose to incorporate creative approaches into counseling sessions including art and play therapies. These creative interventions can address deep-rooted pains through expression, metaphor, and reflection. I also utilize dialectical behavior therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy techniques to calm and positively change inner dialogue and assist in emotional regulation. Ultimately counseling sessions are individualized to meet the unique needs and goals of each client and provide the tools necessary to support long term growth and healing.

In my spare time I enjoy creating art, exercising, and spending time with family and friends.

  • Licensed Professional Counselor, Board Certified Art Therapist, Certified Substance Abuse Counselor
  • Offers art therapy and play therapy
  • Specializes in trauma/loss, mood, anxiety, depression, and addictive behaviors
  • Children (3+), teens, adults, and families
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Our Counselors Phyllis Pierce LCSW Chesapeake and Norfolk

About Phyllis Pierce, LCSW

I am a licensed clinical social worker and trauma informed yoga instructor experienced in helping people with depression, anxiety, those who have survived traumatic experiences, torture (refugees) and gender based violence, HIV/AIDS, chronic illness, and substance abuse. I am an advocate for Women’s reproductive freedom and support a woman’s right to choose.

Clients who work with me can elect to incorporate trauma informed yoga, hypnosis, meditation, and guided imagery into talk therapy.

I believe that when a person engages in counseling it provides them an opportunity to heal their mind and body. By using relational cultural theory, strengths based and cognitive behavioral therapy I believe people can improve their understanding of life’s experiences and challenges and enhance coping strategies to begin anew.

In my free time I like to read, enjoy nature and teach.

  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker
  • Trauma sensitive yoga instructor
  • Specializes in anxiety, depression, substance abuse, chronic illness, HIV/AIDS, and traumatic stress
  • Adults and couples
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Our Counselors Natalie Wingfield Virginia Beach and Hampton Roads

About Natalie Wingfield, LPC

I’m a Licensed Professional Counselor and registered yoga instructor in Virginia Beach, VA specializing in eating disorders, trauma or distressing events/PTSD, stress and anxiety, LGBT individuals, and adolescents.  I have specialized training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy from the Beck Institute of Cognitive Therapies and in Maudsley Family Based Treatment for Adolescents with eating disorders from The Training Institute for Child and Adolescent Eating Disorders at Stanford.  I also have specialized training in traumatic stress and working with the LGBT community.

   I see counseling as a collaborative effort and aim to work together with individuals toward healing and growth. My primary treatment approach is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, a well established and researched approach. I believe in treating the whole person – mind, body, and spirit.  As a Registered Yoga Instructor, I am passionate about incorporating complementary therapies, such as yoga and meditation, with traditional “talk therapy.”

     When I’m not counseling, I enjoy spending time at the beach, gardening, and practicing yoga.

  • M.Ed. in Community Counseling from The College of William and Mary
  • National Certified Counselor
  • Licensed Professional Counselor
  • Registered Yoga Instructor
  • Specializes in eating disorders, anxiety, trauma, and LGBT
  • Teens and adults
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Our Counselors Lilani Reagan Chesapeake and Virginia Beach

About Lilani Reagan, Resident in Counseling

Lilani is Resident in Counseling working towards both her license as a Professional Counselor and Registration in Art Therapy. Lilani holds a Master’s degree in Art Therapy and Counseling conferred by Eastern Virginia Medical School.  Lilani specializes in the use of Art Therapy to address behavioral, mood, and anxiety disorders in children and adolescents. Lilani also works with adults. Clinical interests include: the use of Art Therapy in stress reduction and emotional expression, depression, mood, and anxiety. Other interests include: painting, sculpting, baking, bowling, and her cat!

  • Resident in Counseling and Art Therapy
  • MS Eastern Virginia Medical School, Art Therapy and Counseling
  • ADHD, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Conduct Disorder, mood, and anxiety
  • Children and Adolescents
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Our Counselors Erin Heidt Virginia Beach Counseling and Wellness

About Jill Parramore, M.Ed., Resident in Counseling

Jill Parramore is a Resident in Counseling working toward her PhD at Old Dominion University. Jill enjoys helping adults to make meaning of their lives and experiences. She employs integrative therapies, such as Person-Centered, Narrative, and Cognitive Behavioral approaches to counseling.

In my counseling philosophy, the therapeutic relationship is most important. Connection is key in providing a safe environment where you feel comfortable telling your story. My aim is to co-create meaning and understanding of your life experiences.

  • Addictions and substance abuse
  • Anger issues
  • Relationship challenges
  • Self-esteem and identity
  • Adjusting to life changes
  • Learning new coping tools
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Our Counselors Phyllis Pierce LCSW Chesapeake and Norfolk

About Kriston Nixon, LPC

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor with dynamic experiences working with children, teens and adults. I have specialized training in perinatal mental health (to include struggles related to infertility, pregnancy and postpartum), couples and family therapy, and play therapy.

I approach counseling collaboratively with my clients by partnering with them to discover their own paths to optimal mental health and growth, which includes tailoring my treatment approaches to the unique needs of each client. I often utilize integrated counseling techniques, such as mindfulness based strategies, art and play along with more traditional approaches, including cognitive-behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy and narrative therapy, to help clients reach their counseling goals.

When I’m not working, I love to spend time with my family and friends, be outdoors and cook! I am also currently working toward a PhD.

  • Licensed Professional Counselor
  • Offers play therapy
  • Specializes in perinatal mental health, women’s issues, and LGBT
  • Children, teens, adults, couples, families
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