Counseling for anxiety

Do you feel overwhelmed by life or worry all the time?
Is it hard to sleep because you can’t shut off your mind?
Are you nervous or uncomfortable in social situations?
Are you irritable, tense, and burned out?
Have you noticed muscle tension, headaches, or pain
that seems to get worse when you’re stressed?

Anxiety therapy can help you regain peace.

Everyone feels stressed, anxious, or overwhelmed at times. But for many people, stress and anxiety take over and feel out of control. Anxiety affects the mind and body, impacting overall wellbeing and health. Some people notice difficulty sleeping, physical pain, and trouble with relationships and work.

As anxiety and stress therapists, we know how anxiety can interfere with your relationships, sleep, work, school, concentration and overall happiness.

Even though it might not feel like it now, relief from stress and anxiety is possible. Anxiety and stress therapy can help you learn to quiet your racing mind and relax.

We specialize in helping people learn to stop stress and anxiety from interfering with their lives.

Stress & anxiety don’t have to rule your life.

 In anxiety therapy, we help people:

Learn more about the nature of anxiety
Take a closer look at thoughts that might be making anxiety worse
Practice new skills for relaxing the mind and body
Learn to stay grounded and calm in stressful situations
Learn stress management counseling tools

You might be wondering if anxiety and stress therapy will really help.

I’ve been anxious for years and I don’t think it will ever change.
   Anxiety is very treatable, whether you’ve just started having problems or have been struggling for years. You might be feeling like you’ve tried everything, but with the right set of skills you CAN overcome anxiety. Sometimes our clients try a new technique then come to the next session and tell us it didn’t work.  That makes sense because all new skills take practice.  When they stick with it, most of our clients find their new coping tools get more and more powerful the more they practice.  They find that they can use these new skills to stay grounded, even in the most stressful situations.

I’m afraid talking about my problems in anxiety therapy will make me feel worse.
Anxiety counseling won’t make you worse but it might bring to light things that aren’t working in your life. Anxiety might be telling you that something in your life is out of balance and needs your attention. You might have to move out of your “comfort zones,” and try new things to grow and heal. Facing anxiety takes courage but overcoming it is worth it in the long run.

I’ve seen other therapists and it didn’t help. Why will anxiety therapy with you be different?
Our experience as therapists and yoga instructors gives us a unique view of how stress and emotions are stored in the body. Therapy that involves the mind and body can actually change the way the nervous system processes stress. We’re passionate about incorporating meditation and yoga with traditional “talk therapy.”

Many of our clients tell us after even a few weeks of regularly practicing the skills they learn, they notice a powerful shift in their anxiety level. These changes are more and more dramatic the longer they practice. Over time, they find they are able to manage anxiety and stressful situations while staying calm and grounded. Many people also find that their body feels better – they notice less headaches and muscle tension and they fall asleep easier. As a result, they can live their lives more fully without the weight of anxiety.

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It's time to get some relief from stress and anxiety.