17 08, 2014

6 Ways to Handle Power Struggles with Your Teen

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I work with teens and families and notice that so many parents struggle with boundaries and power struggles with their teens.  That's why I invited [popup url="http://launchpadcounseling.com/mark-loewen/" height="400" width="900" scrollbars="yes" alt="popup"]Mark Loewen[/popup], a teen specialist and parent coach in Richmond, VA, to share ideas for handling power struggles with teens.   [...]

12 08, 2014

Technology in Eating Disorder Therapy

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A key aspect of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for eating disorders is logging behaviors, thoughts, and feelings to look for patterns and begin to make changes.  This information gives a baseline and lays the foundation for treatment.  Traditionally, this has been done on paper logging sheets but I’ve found that many clients have a hard [...]

3 08, 2014

Meditation and yoga for trauma survivors

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As a counselor and yoga instructor, I’m always looking for ways to incorporate yoga in therapy.  I became especially interested in yoga for survivors of trauma after attending Bessel van der Kolk's Annual Trauma Conference where I learned about complex trauma and the connection to the body.  Bessel van der Kolk’s research shows that it [...]