Many of our clients come to us for work stress and anxiety, especially those who are entrepreneurs or who work from home. These are four tips for leaving work at work so you can spend your free time doing the things that you love.

  1. Create boundaries around your time – This will be different for everyone depending on your work but here are some suggestions – no work calls or email after a certain time, no work on weekends, ask co-workers to email non-urgent items instead of calling or texting, limit how much time you spend talking to your partner, family, or friends about work (especially if you work with them).
  2. Leave work stress at work – If you work outside of the home, pick a point on your drive, maybe a bridge or particular intersection, and commit to stop thinking of work when you get there. If you work at home, set up a separate space for work and close the door when you are done for the day. This will take some practice – every time you catch yourself thinking of work after-hours, tell yourself to “stop,” and bring your focus back to the here-and-now.
  3. Hold healthy boundaries with co-workers – Again, this will look different for everyone depending on your position and line of work. Some possibilities are – saying no to extra shifts when you feel overworked, saying no to additional duties if you’re overextended, staying out of office politics and “drama,” asserting yourself and being realistic about what you can and can’t do.
  4. Keep a list – Keep a paper to-do list or use an app like Trello or Asana. When you catch yourself thinking about work stress outside of work hours, put it on the list and tell yourself that you will get to it (or think more about it) during your next workday.