neuroplasticity, change your brain for depression, anxiety, trauma, PTSD in Virginia Beach

Here are two great videos explaining in simple terms how you can change your brain in positive ways through neuroplasticity.  Taking advantage of neuroplasticity can be incredibly powerful for those struggling with depression, anxiety, and trauma/PTSD.

You strengthen your brain just like any other muscle, through exercise.  Many people are stuck in a pattern of negative or anxious thinking and they practice these thoughts over and over everyday.  This kind of thinking, and the corresponding neural-pathways become stronger and stronger.  Similarly, those who have been though traumatic events experience changes in the brain which may lead to hyperventilance, tension, constant worry, and easily becoming “triggered.”  It is as if the fight or flight response in the brain is short circuited and easily activated.

neuroplasticity, change your brain for depression, anxiety, trauma, PTSD

Neurons – change the way you think, change the neural-pathways

The good news is you can change and heal the brain by taking advantage of neuroplasticity.   One way is through shifting your thinking, as explained in the second video, Emotions and the Brain.  Other ways, which are especially helpful for trauma survivors, include

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meditation, and other mind-body practices such as yoga.

Understanding neuroplasticity can help you heal from depression, anxiety, trauma/PTSD, and more.