6 04, 2015

Review of Healing Trauma: Guided Imagery for Post-traumatic Stress

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Healing Trauma: Guided Imagery for Post-traumatic Stress is one of my favorite guided imagery CD's by Belleruth Naparstek. Guided imagery is a powerful tool for healing from posttraumatic stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia and more. Read more about guided imagery for trauma here. Although this imagery was designed for survivors of trauma, I think almost anyone [...]

24 11, 2014

Neuroplasticity: You can change your brain!

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Here are two great videos explaining in simple terms how you can change your brain in positive ways through neuroplasticity.  Taking advantage of neuroplasticity can be incredibly powerful for those struggling with depression, anxiety, and trauma/PTSD. You strengthen your brain just like any other muscle, through exercise.  Many people are stuck in a pattern [...]

17 10, 2014

Healing wounds of the past: PTSD recovery

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Post traumatic stress recovery is possible with tools that treat the cause. The most effective treatment includes the body in the healing process. Many survivors, and even some clinicians, believe that post traumatic stress is something you have to learn to live with forever. They believe the best you can [...]

17 08, 2014

6 Ways to Handle Power Struggles with Your Teen

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I work with teens and families and notice that so many parents struggle with boundaries and power struggles with their teens.  That's why I invited [popup url="http://launchpadcounseling.com/mark-loewen/" height="400" width="900" scrollbars="yes" alt="popup"]Mark Loewen[/popup], a teen specialist and parent coach in Richmond, VA, to share ideas for handling power struggles with teens.   [...]

3 08, 2014

Meditation and yoga for trauma survivors

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As a counselor and yoga instructor, I’m always looking for ways to incorporate yoga in therapy.  I became especially interested in yoga for survivors of trauma after attending Bessel van der Kolk's Annual Trauma Conference where I learned about complex trauma and the connection to the body.  Bessel van der Kolk’s research shows that it [...]

25 07, 2014

Acting out at school – the impact of childhood trauma

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In most schools, a child who is acting out by kicking the teacher, throwing chairs, or storming out of class would be suspended, expelled or placed in a special education class.  The HEARTS (Healthy Environments and Response to Trauma in Schools) program takes a trauma-sensitive approach to these behaviors and reduced suspensions at one school by [...]