Exciting news!  Virginia Beach Counseling and Wellness has been featured on Fresh Practice Design, a blog offering office design inspiration for therapists.  Here’s an excerpt from the interview with practice owner, Natalie Wingfield:

I decorated our office with a combination of traditional, modern, and coastal elements. I love the beach and the outdoors so I really wanted to incorporate natural elements like plants, shells, and ocean-like art pieces. I chose a soft, fresh color palate for a spa-like feel.

Natalie also shares how she hopes clients feel when they enter our space:

I hope our office feels warm, inviting, and serene. Our therapy rooms are arranged like living rooms to allow clients to feel safe and at-home. I especially love it when a client kicks off their shoes and gets cozy on my couch.

In this post, you’ll discover the sources of the furniture and artwork found in our “contemporary and beachy,” space and other advice for decorating a therapy office.

You can read more about our office and see more pics here.  Be sure to check out the other featured therapy offices at FreshPractice.Design!