Child Counseling

Have you noticed changes in their mood or emotions?
Does your child seem to worry a lot, get upset easily, or have trouble calming down?
Is your child having a hard time following directions, focusing, or finishing work at school?
Are they having behavioral problems, acting out, or “melting down?”

     Seeing your child struggle behaviorally, emotionally, or socially can be painful or frustrating for a parent. You might be feeling worried, guilty, or helpless. When a child is struggling, it can affect the whole family, creating frustration and imbalance in the home. Many parents start to feel emotionally drained, especially if they aren’t sure how to help their child.

Child Counseling can help.

Child Counseling at Virginia Beach Counseling and Wellness
Child Counseling at Virginia Beach Counseling and Wellness

Child counseling offers support for your child and family

Many times, the first sign that a child needs help is a parent’s concern. Children aren’t able to express themselves in the same way adults can so they show you with behaviors. Often, challenging behaviors and changes in mood are a signal that a child could benefit from child counseling.

Is your child overly sensitive or easily stressed?
Are changes in routine especially difficult?
Are they nervous or clingy?

Children with anxiety are often clingy with parents or loved ones and worry much more than other kids. You might notice that your child gets nervous about little things and always thinks the worst is going to happen. They might be having difficulties with sleep or eating.

Children can learn to manage anxiety, worry, and fears – child therapy can help!

Art therapy, mindfulness, and other relaxation techniques can help children calm their bodies down. Talking with a therapist or using art to express their feelings can help children work through fears and learn to relax.

Has your child been getting into trouble at school for not finishing assignments, not paying attention or breaking the rules?
Are you frustrated with hyperactive or disruptive behavior?

Children with ADD or ADHD often make poor decisions and struggle to manage their emotions. They might get angry easily or have behavioral outbursts. They may fall behind in school because of how difficult it is to finish tasks that require attention and focus. This can be incredibly frustrating for you and your child.

Child ADHD treatment provides tools and strategies for relief

Art therapy and other counseling techniques can help children to learn to stop and think before acting. The child therapists at Virginia Beach Counseling and Wellness can help your child manage their emotions and develop impulse control. Your therapist will offer ongoing support and guidance to you and your child as you try new strategies and techniques.

Are you at the end of your rope with your child’s behavior problems?

Does your child throw tantrums, act out, or “melt down,” when frustrated?
Is your child disrespectful of adults?
Does he or she always seem to be getting into trouble?

Having a child with behavior problems can be frustrating and exhausting for the whole family.

Child therapists at Virginia Beach Counseling and Wellness can help

When children are struggling with overwhelming emotions or difficult experiences, they often act out behaviorally. They don’t have the skills to express themselves the way adults do. This can make it really difficult for parents to stay calm and consistent.

Child therapy for behavioral problems can help your child and the whole family. Through art therapy and other counseling techniques, your child can develop the skills to tolerate frustration and emotions. Our therapists also meet with parents to help them with skills to regain control.

Art therapy for children

Children often struggle to put their feelings into words. Art therapy is a fun, gentle way for children to explore and process feelings and situations that are difficult to express verbally. Drawing, painting, and sculpting provide a metaphorical language to express feelings and explore new ways to cope. Our art therapist, Lilani Reagan, offers children a powerful and engaging way to build confidence, improve social skills, and learn new ways to cope with difficult feelings and situations.

Play therapy for children

Children are naturally drawn to play as a way to express themselves and work through emotional difficulties.  Our play therapists create a safe place for children to use play for healing.  Read more about play therapy.

If your child is struggling, call today.