Couples Counseling

Are you feeling angry, lonely, or anxious in your relationship?
Are you struggling to heal after infidelity?
Has communication become tense, angry, or nonexistent?
Does it feel like you’re living like roommates?
Are you missing the connection you used to have?

All marriages and long-term relationships have difficult times. It can be frustrating, painful, and lonely when you hit a rough patch in your relationship. Even if you started with a strong foundation, life can get in the way. Children, finances, and work can begin to take away from the intimacy, romance, and fun you once had. Things might become more and more tense as arguments escalate. Or, you might begin pulling away from your partner and withdrawing into silence. Maybe infidelity has broken the trust in your relationship. Or, maybe you’ve started to feel more like roommates than partners in love.  Marital counseling or couples therapy can help you reconnect.

All couples go through challenging times.

It’s normal to have relationship ups and downs. But, some periods of high stress can put serious strain on a relationship. Some of the most difficult times for marriages or long-term relationships include:

  • Adjusting to a new baby
  • Moving
  • Financial stress or career changes
  • Infertility
  • Serious illness
  • Infidelity
  • Loss of a child

Periods of stress brought on by life’s inevitable challenges can strain your relationship and disrupt the connection you once had. It’s possible to overcome even the most difficult times in your relationship. Couples therapy can help you work through it together.

 Marriage counseling or couples therapy can help with:

  • Communication problems, excessive arguments, irritability, criticism
  • Feeling withdrawn, disconnected, or “drifting apart”
  • Parenting differences
  • Trust, commitment, or intimacy struggles
  • Step-parenting, co-parenting, or blended family difficulties

Virginia Beach Counseling and Wellness couple’s therapists can help you and your partner:

  • Improve communication to feel heard and respected
  • Build and strengthen trust and commitment
  • Identify and ask for what you need
  • Improve intimacy and connection
  • Rekindle romance
  • Solve problems together
  • Enjoy your time together
  • Create a shared vision for the future of your relationship

We work with diverse couples including:

LGBT or same-sex couples
Heterosexual couples
Polyamorous or open relationships
Kinky, BDSM, and alternative forms of sexual expression

Therapists who work with couples:

Kriston Nixon, LPC
Fred Fritz, LPC
Ben Newman, LPC

Are you ready to find happiness in your relationship again?