Now offering distance, phone, or online counseling in Virginia

Are you a parent with trouble finding childcare for appointments?

Do you live far away from therapy offices? (Eastern Shore, rural areas of Virginia)

Maybe you could fit an appointment in during your lunch break if it wasn’t for the commute.

Do you have a physical limitation or transportation problem that makes it difficult to come to the office?

Going on vacation and want to continue therapy?

Or, maybe you just have a cold and would rather not leave the house.

Online and phone therapy is perfect for these reasons and more.

We offer sessions over the phone and online using secure software that is similar to Skype. We require a brief phone consultation to find out more about what you’re going through and determine if online or phone counseling is appropriate. If so, we will discuss the best plan for your specific needs.  This could mean that all of your sessions are on the phone/online or a combination of distance and face-to-face sessions.

Please note we can only offer distance counseling to residents of Virginia because of licensing requirements.

If you are a current face-to-face client and need a distance therapy session for a special circumstance, just let your therapist know and we can talk more about the details.


With online counseling, you no longer have to rush to get to the office. With no commute time, it’s easier to fit in a lunchtime or before work appointment.  Online sessions are great if you have children who would need a sitter. Or, if you have a cold and don’t feel up to leaving the house. You can even continue therapy sessions while you’re on vacation.

Our therapists offer morning, afternoon, and evening online counseling appointments to fit your busy schedule.


Several recent studies show online counseling to be just as effective as in-person counseling. Most clients say they find online therapy just as effective, and sometimes even more comfortable, than in-person sessions. Many people find the convenience helps them stick with regular appointments and feel better faster.


With online counseling, you can have your appointment in the privacy of your own home or office. We use secure, HIPAA compliant software to maintain the highest level of privacy.

How does online counseling at Virginia Beach Counseling and Wellness work?

We use a secure online platform, which is similar to Skype or Facetime but more secure. There is no software to download – your therapist simply emails you a link to click at the time of your appointment. We’ve gotten all of the confusing, technical stuff out of the way so you can enter the session with one click. If you know how to use email, you can use online counseling!

Will my insurance cover distance/online/phone counseling sessions?

Many insurance plans now cover online video therapy.  We would be happy to verify your insurance benefits and how they apply to online counseling.

Most insurance plans do not cover phone counseling.

If you’re interested in distance, phone or online counseling in Virginia, call today to make an appointment!