What is play therapy?

Play therapy is a type of counseling or psychotherapy that uses play as a way of communicating with children and helping them overcome challenges.

Children are naturally drawn to play as a way of communicating their experiences and emotions. Play therapists create a safe and caring environment for children to express themselves and work through emotional difficulties through play.

Play is a child’s natural language.

Children don’t have the same cognitive ability as adults to talk about what is bothering them. Children struggle to find the words to talk about emotional concerns, life changes, and traumatic events. Instead, they may express difficult experiences or emotions by acting out behaviorally, withdrawing, or simply acting differently than usual.   No matter what the problem is, kids need a way to express it. The play that comes so naturally to children is a perfect way to communicate.

Play therapy helps with:

Behavioral problems including anger, tantrums, and aggression
Grief and loss
Life changes and transition
Trauma or abandonment
Social difficulties
and more

Take a look at play therapy in action:

At Virginia Beach Counseling and Wellness, we offer play therapy for children ages 3 and up.