PTSD and trauma counseling for teens

Many teens have been through traumatic, distressing, or scary events, and struggle to cope.

Traumatic experiences may include:

Physical or sexual abuse
Witnessing domestic violence
Witnessing violence
Natural disasters
Serious accidents
Emotional abuse

Some teens develop Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), while others don’t, but may still need support.

Some signs that your teen might be struggling to cope with trauma or PTSD might include:

Depressed mood
Easily startled
Difficulty trusting others
Feeling guilty or believing they caused the trauma
Sleep disturbances – hard to fall asleep or stay asleep, nightmares
Losing interest in things they used to enjoy
Uncharacteristically aggressive behavior
New difficulties in school or problems concentrating
Regressive behaviors – acting younger than they are
Physical symptoms – stomach aches, headaches, muscle pain

There is hope

The best way you can help your teen deal with trauma or PTSD and start to heal is by working with a therapist who understands the nature of trauma. It’s important that you and your teen trust his or her therapist and feel safe.

In trauma therapy, we help teens learn to manage their symptoms of post traumatic stress through healthy coping skills. Our therapists can incorporate art, play, yoga, and meditation with traditional “talk therapy.”   This allows teens to begin to feel grounded, relaxed, connected to their body, and safe.  When teens have new skills to cope, they are better able to manage their emotions and make positive choices.

Our goal is to help your teen feel safe again, to heal from trauma/PTSD, and to lead a happy, fulfilling life.


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Therapists who work with teen trauma or PTSD:

Kriston Nixon, LPC
Lilani Reagan, Resident in Counseling

If your teen is struggling to cope with a traumatic event, call today.